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Radiator Repair Information > Leaky Inlet/Outlet Oil Fitting

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Is your radiator leaking? will assist you in diagnosing and repairing a leaky inlet oil fitting or radiator outlet oil fitting. The transmission fluid may leak between the radiator transmission oil cooler and the transmission oil cooler fitting. This results in a residue of tranny fluid on the radiator tank, causing radiator corrosion, around the transmission oil cooler fitting. An insufficient thread sealer on the fitting may be contributing to the problem. Install a new 0ring onto the transmission oil cooler fitting to seal the leak. The transmission fluid should be leaking between the transmission oil cooler and the cooler fitting but not between the transmission cooler line and the fitting for this application.

When starting the repair, remove the radiator from the automobile and be sure to lay the radiator with the oil cooler fittings facing upward. Clean around each fitting for radiator corrosion and contaminants so that they do not enter the oil cooler when you remove the fittings. You should not be using an oil-based solvent that will damage the tank seals.

Secondly, remove the upper transmission oil cooler fitting, one at a time to ensure the cooler does not drip into the radiator. Once removed, confirm that there is a gasket between the oil cooler and the inside of the radiator tank present. If there is no gasket present, you will need to replace the radiator. If the gasket is in place, check the threads for irreparable damage. If damaged, you must replace the radiator as well. You may install the new O-ring on the transmission oil cooler fitting if the threads show no sign of damage. You should not use sealing tape or thread sealants in this process. is your online auto part store with wholesale prices on car parts. If we can't solve your cooling issues with our online articles, advice and catalog of new parts, no one can! Visit the site at for expert advice on everything radiator.

Leaky Inlet/Outlet Oil Fitting
Leaks in this area of the radiator can be caused by fatigue or by corrosion of the solder joint.

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