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Radiator Repair Information > Leaky Inlet/Outlet Fitting

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A leaky radiator inlet or outlet fitting radiator problem will generally require a new radiator. Radiator leak repair doesn't have to be a difficult proposition. Visit for useful and informative articles on diagnosing a radiator leak problem, assistance for installing automobile car parts and wholesale quotes on new parts.

Leaks in the radiator inlet/outlet fitting can be caused by fatigue or radiator corrosion of the solder joint. Radiator corrosion is not a matter to be taken lightly. To inspect for leaky inlets and outlets in the upper, lower and heater hoses, check for deterioration in the hose clamps every 1,000 miles or each month. While this practice may sound excessive, a brief look under your hood each month could keep you from being stranded by a weakened hose that went unrepaired. You may also need to tap hose clamps with a wrench to loosen and remove any built up corrosion for a quick fix. Make sure the engine and cooling systems are cold when checking for leaks. Inspect for rotting, cracking or collapsed hose. You can squeeze the hose wall to see if there are any weak or swollen spots along the hose.

If the weakened hoses have already caused serious damage to the radiator itself, it may be time to replace automobile car parts. has up-to-date information on how to decipher what kind of problems you are having with your cooling system and how to go about solving cooling issues. Log on to and get low wholesale quotes for new parts and recommendations to certified technicians that will install your new part the same day. You can also call a friendly customer support person at 800-420-2693 for immediate assistance. Call today!

Leaky Inlet/Outlet Fitting
Leaks in this area of the Radiator can be caused by fatigue or by corrosion of the solder joint.

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