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Electrolysis ? what is it? Electrolysis radiator is the result of electricity running through your cooling system. It's a Stray electrical current that can cause an electrochemical reaction producing voids in radiator tubes and may cause a cracked radiator or even radiator failure. Electrolysis will usually occur if there is a defective or missing ground on one of the potential electrical sources.

Testing for Electrolysis? You will need to test the voltage in your cooling system to see if it has been affected by electrolysis.

First, you must attach the negative lead of a volt meter to the battery ground. Next, place the positive lead of the volt meter into the coolant inside the radiator caring to not making contact with the filler neck. Thirdly, if the result is greater than 0.10 V, it's positive for electrical currents flowing through you car part system. Next, keep checking the voltage readings between the engine and the coolant by touching the negative lead to other auto parts respectively. Lastly, duplicate the previous steps with the positive lead touching the radiator in lieu of the coolant.

Preventing Electrolysis? Appropriate upkeep and careful scrutinizing of your cooling/electrical systems will most likely prevent electrolysis, a failed seam and radiator damage. Test your system often to curb discoloration or pinholes ? especially around the tube-to-header joints and tubes near the core center near the electric fan mounts. If you decide that a new car part is the answer to getting your car back in working condition, visit for more information on electrolysis and failure radiator issues. We stock only the highest quality parts at more than 250 locations nationwide.

Stray electrical current can cause an electrochemical reaction that will produce voids in tubes.

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