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Needle Bearing
A bearing that consists of a number (usually a large number) of long, thin rollers.
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The gear position in which the engine is unable to move the wheels.
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Neutral Steering
A vehicle that neither understeers or oversteers. It responds predictably and evenly to steering inputs when cornering.
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Abbreviation for the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration. This is the government agency that is responsible for making and policing safety rules for all vehicles. NHTSA is the agency that can order a vehicle manufacturer to issue a safety r
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National Marine Manufacturers Association.
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Non-Asbestos Lining
Friction material that uses no asbestos, thereby being easier on public health (breathing asbestos dust can cause the disease asbestosis). Sometimes non-asbestos linings can be more abrasive, accelerating rotor wear.
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Abbreviation for Oxides of Nitrogen. The "N" stands for Nitrogen, the "O" for Oxygen, and the "X" is scientific notation for all the various combinations of the two. NOX is formed inside an engine when combustion temperatures exceed 2500 degrees Fahrenhei
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