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Manifold Air Temperature (MAT)
The temperature of in the intake stream or manifold. Used by the computer to calculate air density and to regulate the air/fuel mixture. The MAT sensor may be a separate component or incorporated into an airflow sensor.
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A special kind of oversized shock absorber that's used as part of the vehicle's suspension. When used on the front suspension, it replaces the upper control arm and ball joint. Some struts have coil springs around them while others do not. Some struts hav
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A casting of passages or set of pipes that connect the cylinders to an inlet or outlet source.
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Manifold Vacuum
Low pressure in an engine intake manifold formed just below the throttle plates. Manifold vacuum is highest at idle and drops under acceleration.
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Manual Brakes
Braking system that does not use power-assistance to magnify the pedal effort. Manual brakes are becoming increasingly rare on road cars.
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Manual Transmission
A transmission in which the driver changes gears using a hand-operated gearshift and a foot-operated clutch. Also known as a "standard transmission".
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Map Sensor
Refers to a manifold absolute pressure sensor, a variable resistor used to monitor the difference in pressure between the intake manifold at outside atmosphere. This information is used by the engine computer to monitor engine load (vacuum drops when the
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Mass Airflow Sensor (MAF)
This information is used by the engine computer to monitor engine load (vacuum drops when the engine is under load or at wide open throttle). When the engine is under load, the computer may alter spark timing and the fuel mixture to improve performance an
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Master Cylinder
The primary fluid pressurizing device in a hydraulic system. In automotive use, it is found in brake and, hydraulic clutch systems and is pedal activated, either directly or, in a power brake system, through the power booster.
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Match Mounting
Mounting a tire on a rim so the low spot of the rim lines up with the high spot on the tire. This reduces overall runout for a smoother running tire and wheel assembly.
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Abbreviation for Multi-port Fuel Injection, a type of fuel injection system that has one injector for each engine cylinder. Each injector sprays its fuel directly into the intake port in the cylinder head. Multi-port fuel injection is considered to be the
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Mixing Tires
Fitting tires of different sizes or constructions to a vehicle. Mixing should be avoided. Some performance vehicles, however, specify different size tires on front and rear axles.
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Modified Strut
A type of strut suspension where the coil spring is mounted between the lower control arm and chassis instead of around the strut. Typical applications include late model Mustangs and Camaros.
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Electronic control unit, amplifier or igniter of solid state or integrated design which controls the current flow in the. Ignition primary circuit based on input from the pick-up coil. When the module opens the primary circuit, high secondary voltage is i
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Monkey Wrench
A type of wrench with an adjustable jaw.
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Motor Oil
The lifeblood of the engine, it not only lubricates the engine but also cools the crankshaft bearings and pistons. As an engine runs, combustion blowby into the crankcase contaminates the oil with moisture, soot and unburned fuel. Moisture is the worst cu
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Motorist Assurance Program (MAP)
Acronym for "Motorist Assurance Program," an organization that has developed voluntary uniform inspection guidelines and a code of ethics for the auto repair industry.
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Mounting Tires
The act of fitting tires to wheel rims.
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Abbreviation for Miles Per Gallon. A vehicle's fuel economy is determined by a number of factors including the size of the engine, the type of carburetion used, the weight of the vehicle, the type of transmission used (manual or automatic), the final driv
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A device through which exhaust is passed to muffle engine sounds.
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Multigrade Oil
Oil that meets certain low-temperature and high-temperature requirements simultaneously (e.g., SAE l0W-40).
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Multiviscosity Oil
Oil meeting SAE requirements for both low-temperature requirements of light oil and high-temperature requirements. Also know as multiweight oil.
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