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Gas Shocks
A type of shock absorber that's pressurized with nitrogen gas to reduce internal foaming and cavitation. Considered to be a premium grade shock, gas shocks are often used as original equipment on sports sedans and even mini-vans. A gas shock usually prov
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A means of sealing the mating surfaces between various components. Gaskets are used between the various parts of the engine to keep oil, coolant, air and fuel in their respective places. Rubber, cork or combination cork/rubber gaskets are often used to se
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A hydrocarbon fuel for use in internal combustion engines.
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Gasoline Engine
Engine that ignites the fuel-air mixture with a spark from a spark plug.
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Gauge Set
Same as "manifold gauge set." One, two or three pressure gauges attached to a manifold (a pipe with several inlet & outlet connections) used to measure A/C system pressures.
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Wheel-shaped parts with teeth cut into the edge. When one gear engages another, the second gear drives the other to transmit power.
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Gear Oil
A heavy oil, rated at 80 to 100 weight viscosity that is used in enclosed units containing gears. Gear oil rarely needs changing.
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Gear Ratio
The ratio between the numbers of teeth on meshing gears.
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A device that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy.
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The process whereby a brake lining or disc rotor becomes smooth and glossy due to excess heat.
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Green House Gas
A gas that contributes to a gradual warming of the Earth's climate as a result of increased heat retention. Certain gases (primarily carbon dioxide from the burning of fossil fuel, but also CFCs) increase the retention of heat from the sun in the atmosphe
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Deposits of oxidized fuel found in the fuel system or engine parts.
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